Information About Our Services

Posted by Eric

Gun Broker Services in Rockford IL

At Forest City Firearms, we offer a wide range of services for all customers, including:

TRANSFERS: We can transfer firearms across the country for just $20 plus $2 for the NICS check. We can also arrange for shipping to the recipient or help find a licensed recipient elsewhere in the country.

SPECIAL ORDERS: In most cases, we can get any firearm available from our national firearm dealer network at just 10 percent above dealer’s cost.

CONSIGNMENT: We can sell one gun or a whole collection through consignment with a 15 percent commission rate.

ENGRAVING: We can have any gun custom-engraved through our contracted engraver service. Just let us know what gun, what inscription and what style of lettering, and we can make the arrangements. The time for this service depends on the level of engraving, and all engravings come with a certificate of authenticity.

BUYING AND TRADING: We buy and trade almost any firearm on the market. Please note: These transactions will be appraised at wholesale prices.