A little Bit About Me.

Posted by Eric

Welcome to Forest City Firearms! First a little about me.

I am born and raised in Rockford, Illinois which is located at the very top center of Illinois, only twelve miles from the Wisconsin state line. I am single with no kids unless you count my dog. He is a Mastiff/German Shepherd mix and his name is Boss. In addition to being my constant companion Boss also serves (very effectively, I might add) as Chief of Security for my shop.

I am a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) gun dealer, member of the NRA, certified safety instructor, and certified range officer. I also hold a dangerous weapons license from the city of Rockford. Since I am only about 90 miles west of Chicago, of course I am a Bears fan. I have also been a life long Cubs fan which definately keeps me humble. I opened my gun shop in March of 2004 and I specialize in hard to find and vintage firearms. I buy, sell, trade, and do consignments on all types of guns though and if you are looking for a new firearm I will special order most any new gun for you for just 10% over dealer cost plus the shipping.

The reason I can work on just 10% is because I run a small shop and my overhead is very low. Unlike the big box stores like Gander Mountain, Dick's Sporting Goods, MC Sports and others like them, I don't have a big brick and mortar building to pay for, no employees to pay (Boss works for dog food), and no big advertising budget. If you asked the big box stores to get you a gun for just 10% over dealer cost they would laugh at you because their overhead is simply too high.

Besides being very competitively priced with the big box stores, the other big benefit to you is that here you get KNOWLEDGEABLE, PERSONAL SERVICE. At the big box stores, your likely to get a pimply faced kid who has never fired a gun before in his life. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against pimply faced kids having a job but if you are going to purchase a gun that your life may depend on, do you really want to get it from somebody with no firearms experience? That kid would probably just as soon sell you a tennis racket or some camping equipment. I sell ONLY firearms and related accessories. I KNOW GUNS. I have a lifetime of experience with guns.

Like any businessman, I am in business to move product but it is important to me to sell you the RIGHT gun because the wrong gun or one that is not suited to your specific needs can be worse than having no gun at all. I also want to make firearms affordable to you because I am a passionate supporter and defender of the second amendment. So much so that I write a column about firearms and gun rights called "Straight Shootin" for The Rock River Times, which is a weekly newpaper here in Rockford.

So if you are in the market for a firearm, let me know what it is and I will be happy to get you pricing and availability. If you are looking to sell a gun or a whole collection, let me know and I will either buy them or sell them on consignment for you. Thanks for stopping buy.